Someone tried to hack this wordpress account last week by cracker jacking my username , password and the email address which if you read it well, added a salt hash to the system, which makes it almost impossible especially with the 4096 kerberoz SHA1-MD5 codes into it.

And if you missed me, you can catch me on these places:

Azrin Dot Net – Geeks have a life
Azrin with an attitude – which is using a chinese domain.
Azrin Info Web – which is about SEO and hacking and cracking with a free proxy inside

Other than that… check out my other sets of feeds. You know where to dig, Singapura.EU, Melayu.EU and well, before I forget, wish everyone Salam Ramadan, Salam Aidul Fitri, Minal Aidil Wal Faizin, Minal Muqbalin.

Take care

BTW, if you want some free chocolates, drop me a note at the main sites!