Another day …and another project on the way

Sometimes, I have to stop tasking myself on those little projects which are baked to nothingness when I leave them half baked, or half cocked. Like my KEDAI-dot-TV where so many domains are still doing nothing when my funding went dry this year. And now I revived part of the CHAT-dot-NU Community with a multi network blog and darn it, I’m still struggling to figure out what to do with the server that was supposed to give a chat room.

Yeah, my brain really burnt out.After an hour on the computer reviving codes and pHP, I drew a blank and really, I need to find the epochs and stuff like that. Feel like I’m in the town of Eureka and I’m the humanoid of a Sheriff.

Durgh! Do drop by the community chat server ok. It’ works like WORDPRESS.COM cuz it’s based from it!