Stupid Celcom

For god sake,celcom is really on my nerves. How can you setup blackberry internet service with ala carte 3g instead of unlimited hsdpa internet. Just come to show that the people at the centers are plain ignorant or just darn lazy.

This hari raya was without network. Calls fail and no routeable calls except using roaming sim cards. Shitto Celcom Bagero. Bad enough its a mess but this beats anything hands down. So I will need to switch my line over all cus of you guys.

And lucky to have plain services. Some of the agents are still getting busy lines.

Sent using wordpress for Blackberry,it’s really cool.


Tiring months

It’s been a way long time since Geeks Lair been taken out of commission, which is but alas, it’s something I put behind. The bad publicity is not something I wish to be reminded of.

Well, past is past, water under the bridge and so we move on. It’s Ramadan now and I’m in the middle of writing up the annual report of my company. Costs are skyrocketing like no body business, Power bills 3rd raise of 30% effectively increased the overall increase with respect to last year’s Pre-Oil Crisis to 70%, which is a real killer to the manufacturing industry, specifically micro and small cottage industry players like me.

It’s crap, but what can i say..but sigh. Malaysia is getting too tuff for us. No wonder many fly the cage and go for better and cheaper pastures.

Salam Lailatul Qadar everyone and may you be blessed always.