Happy Thanksgiving

It’s time to be thankful of what God Almighty gave and provided to us for the years and the coming of whatever it is to be provided. For the Life that He grant to us, we thank Him for the Grace we are being provided with.

It is also the start of the Wukuf, or Hajj rites where one remembers the decent of Adam and Eve to the Earth from the heavens, and that they were reunited back on the Plains of Arafah where millions of Pilgrims congregate. Also that we remind ourselves of the sacrifices that the Prophets’ sacrifices in the Name of Allah.

For whatever it is, We have to Give Thanks, for it’s not the meat or blood that will reach God, but the act and thought of sacrifice in His Name.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar
There is no other to be praised but God
For God do not lie and he Keep to His Promise
That He despatch His Armies in Grace
Even during times that the Kafirun cursed and torture us
That there is no other supreme being but God.