What is LinkedIn Signal?

Signal is a beta product by LinkedIn, a social media application targeted for work and professionals alike. Unlike the main site (http://www.LinkedIn.com ) , Signal is more or less something that looks and feels like the Facebook 2.0 Top News combined with New Tweeter where you can see who is talking about what, trending of the the moves by your friends, colleagues and even vendors and networkers alike. As mentioned on their blog, this is a Beta test and looks and feels different from the main desktop page of LinkedIn Home.

Here are the core differences which are prominent: No Invites, Email Messaging or Inbox tab in Signal No Applications, Companies, Jobs, Groups, Answers in Signal No People who you know box in Signal No Group Updates in Signal Different formatting for Tweets in Signal Filter what you want to see and who you wish to follow in Signal A more detailed information of how many updated news are from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections in the left tab, and even to the level that you can get a more detailed filter based on Industry you are in, Companies, Time, Region , Tags and School.

Signal also offers real time updates, just as how TweetDeck does as a desktop application and Ajax based pulls for Facebook, which is kind of cool, without the need to refresh the page too often. Likewise, since Signal is a Beta, the Trending Links tab is something I did not manage to understand fully, since I believe it was mimicked by Yahoo! Beta, MSN and Twitter alike, as it would also give a clear indication of how popular a link is within the community, such as YouTube , FourSquare and such. I have not been given an full idea how it works until I typed in a keyword in the search panel up on the top, which will then reflect the trending topics to the search words. Also, since this is a new feature as compared to the main page which restricts to just Q&A, People, Company, Group , it makes more sense as it shows topics and titles other members are
talking about. It is a real shame that I can’t paste screenshots of how this works, but quoting from their press release , this would be a great move forward.

The streams will even show who is sharing links related to the topic you are looking at. Currently Signal is at Beta stage but you can try going to http://linkedin.com/signal/trial if there are slots left.


Having reached another milestone

One year ago, I signed up for an account in LinkedIn and it was because a friend added me to his relation through netlog, another social media application / site. Despite having over 12,000 friends on Facebook which I trimmed a few times to ensure it’s way below the personal threshold limits, I never had over 50 people of direct contact to be on my LinkedIn connection.

Now, as of today, I have reached and surpassed the 300 mark, thanks to joining and peer connections sharing similar work, business or even interests. That is something quite remarkable when I finally found out that with just 300 plus connections at 1st level, I have 11,439 people connected through these contacts whom are able to yield 7,801,400+ connections. Boy oh Boy..that is a huge number.

In terms of activity, with over 50 people looking at my portfolio for the last 3 days, this would generally equate to more than a few million dollars in potential income. To those who are experts in SEO and Meta Advertising on the web, the mass of 7.8 million visitors will at least give an advertising revenue of $78,000 using a low end CPM and CPC values.

Looking further, I saw the demographics of my contacts, 70% of them are from professionals who are in the ‘High Income’ area (meaning US,Canada, EU,the sort) and the rest are either job seekers or people who are professionals of the lower scale. The keyword density is so dense, that the standard word will be jobs, technology, business and finance. Even BAT (British American Tobacco) have been found to be advertising on the LinkedIn Platforms and even the users sites for their recruitment.

Ad space is not cheap on LinkedIn, especially recruitment. However, that is for another rambling but I am personally happy that you guys came to visit me.. know me and hopefully we can yield something far better in the near future.

In the mean time, do check my sites out often for some new stuff.

Using LinkedIn and Networking Sites to your advantage

I have been a member of LinkedIn and many other networking session sites such as Facebook and even Friendster and as such one must know how to capitalise on these networks. I had a nice chit chat session with a prominent networker and business person recently in Kuala Lumpur on how we should capitalise on using these networks to our advantage. The obvious means is to advertise according to the demographic needs of the service or product, but the other part is that using our connections to know more people of our industry and even the competitor.

Likewise, at one time, the person may be a competitor or rival but who knows, despite such scenarios, one can me amicable for we do not know we will be needing their help instead. Like my LinkedIn, I did not realise that I have over 6 million over connections overall , who are just all professionals alike, and not just players of Mafia Wars with just over 250 direct connections. It’s very much useful, as the job boards and discussion boards of the groups are a way to understand and gain new knowledge and of course share them.

I consider friendship and relationship being more of an asset especially in the media and technology industry as they really can bring more good than any monetary rewards, such as insider information,tips and emerging technologies so that we can be well prepped for the launch etc, gaining considerable advantage.

Sometimes, however, we as friends have to tell or blurt out the blunt truth without any sugar on it, hoping for the best of things. And being honest is something we want, such as business and gender opinions in any subject. That sometimes attract the wrong attention but it’s that information we gather and research that is well worth it. The results are always positive such as my latest insider information on doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the GCC Region.

And if you wish to add me, it’s http://www.linkedin.com/in/azrinmajid and my address , well, go figure or ask me about on my FB!

Finally, a PROPER update.

Somehow or rather, my LinkedIn account was giving me the headache when I had the itch to import my resume to the new formatting. BAD CHOICE. BAD JOBSTREET. Silly me! It was a mess..and took me ages and alot of tech support to get my resume and other formatting in place. Things and places I don’t like people to know, which includes me as an intel officer back in the army days. No, I’m not a handler if you are thinking that, especially with the SAS.

Sometimes, it’s kind of a bugger to be ‘socialising’ in the social sites but in LinkedIn, which I wondered WHY PEOPLE WOULD PAY for the Premium Edition costing over $50/mth until I found the beauty of the Discussion Groups. Technically, with over few hundred thousand focus groups, mainly these networkers tend to focus themselves in the Business Entrepreneur sections on top of those top notch recruiters hovering about the job forums of Arabia and where their specialty is, such as Tech and Telecom for example, and some, just an alumni site.

Pretty kind of cool when you know how your fellow friends have gone about in their normal working lives and for those who has a HUGE fan following, you can import EVERYONE you know from FACEBOOK into LinkedIn by importing the contact list , however large it is, into your Yahoo or Gmail and cross import it to LinkedIn. Won’t take long, despite having more than a few thousand followers, members, friends alike and suddenly you find out that your pool of friends are far bigger than you think. Me, with currently 203 connections (only 50 or so from facebook..shame on you guys!) ….I found out that I am connected to over 6 Million people through these 200 odd people, with over 9000 new people jumping on board this month alone ! Gosh..and if i am a celebrity, then this is good figures, and mind you converting 6 million visitors to your site in terms of advertising revenue alone based on a 0.01 CTR will yield a good $50,000! Just in impressions alone will make you smile to the bank!

So what you waiting for, Invite Me to your list of good friends….and you will find out, that someone may be peeping about , looking through your profile and history, trying to snag you for a good job. I got headhunted before, so I know how these people work.

Good luck and God Speed.

And to those 12 who perished in the Simpang Ampat bus pile-up accident on 10.10.10 …my deepest condolences.