Finally, a PROPER update.

Somehow or rather, my LinkedIn account was giving me the headache when I had the itch to import my resume to the new formatting. BAD CHOICE. BAD JOBSTREET. Silly me! It was a mess..and took me ages and alot of tech support to get my resume and other formatting in place. Things and places I don’t like people to know, which includes me as an intel officer back in the army days. No, I’m not a handler if you are thinking that, especially with the SAS.

Sometimes, it’s kind of a bugger to be ‘socialising’ in the social sites but in LinkedIn, which I wondered WHY PEOPLE WOULD PAY for the Premium Edition costing over $50/mth until I found the beauty of the Discussion Groups. Technically, with over few hundred thousand focus groups, mainly these networkers tend to focus themselves in the Business Entrepreneur sections on top of those top notch recruiters hovering about the job forums of Arabia and where their specialty is, such as Tech and Telecom for example, and some, just an alumni site.

Pretty kind of cool when you know how your fellow friends have gone about in their normal working lives and for those who has a HUGE fan following, you can import EVERYONE you know from FACEBOOK into LinkedIn by importing the contact list , however large it is, into your Yahoo or Gmail and cross import it to LinkedIn. Won’t take long, despite having more than a few thousand followers, members, friends alike and suddenly you find out that your pool of friends are far bigger than you think. Me, with currently 203 connections (only 50 or so from facebook..shame on you guys!) ….I found out that I am connected to over 6 Million people through these 200 odd people, with over 9000 new people jumping on board this month alone ! Gosh..and if i am a celebrity, then this is good figures, and mind you converting 6 million visitors to your site in terms of advertising revenue alone based on a 0.01 CTR will yield a good $50,000! Just in impressions alone will make you smile to the bank!

So what you waiting for, Invite Me to your list of good friends….and you will find out, that someone may be peeping about , looking through your profile and history, trying to snag you for a good job. I got headhunted before, so I know how these people work.

Good luck and God Speed.

And to those 12 who perished in the Simpang Ampat bus pile-up accident on 10.10.10 …my deepest condolences.


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