Using LinkedIn and Networking Sites to your advantage

I have been a member of LinkedIn and many other networking session sites such as Facebook and even Friendster and as such one must know how to capitalise on these networks. I had a nice chit chat session with a prominent networker and business person recently in Kuala Lumpur on how we should capitalise on using these networks to our advantage. The obvious means is to advertise according to the demographic needs of the service or product, but the other part is that using our connections to know more people of our industry and even the competitor.

Likewise, at one time, the person may be a competitor or rival but who knows, despite such scenarios, one can me amicable for we do not know we will be needing their help instead. Like my LinkedIn, I did not realise that I have over 6 million over connections overall , who are just all professionals alike, and not just players of Mafia Wars with just over 250 direct connections. It’s very much useful, as the job boards and discussion boards of the groups are a way to understand and gain new knowledge and of course share them.

I consider friendship and relationship being more of an asset especially in the media and technology industry as they really can bring more good than any monetary rewards, such as insider information,tips and emerging technologies so that we can be well prepped for the launch etc, gaining considerable advantage.

Sometimes, however, we as friends have to tell or blurt out the blunt truth without any sugar on it, hoping for the best of things. And being honest is something we want, such as business and gender opinions in any subject. That sometimes attract the wrong attention but it’s that information we gather and research that is well worth it. The results are always positive such as my latest insider information on doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the GCC Region.

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