Having reached another milestone

One year ago, I signed up for an account in LinkedIn and it was because a friend added me to his relation through netlog, another social media application / site. Despite having over 12,000 friends on Facebook which I trimmed a few times to ensure it’s way below the personal threshold limits, I never had over 50 people of direct contact to be on my LinkedIn connection.

Now, as of today, I have reached and surpassed the 300 mark, thanks to joining and peer connections sharing similar work, business or even interests. That is something quite remarkable when I finally found out that with just 300 plus connections at 1st level, I have 11,439 people connected through these contacts whom are able to yield 7,801,400+ connections. Boy oh Boy..that is a huge number.

In terms of activity, with over 50 people looking at my portfolio for the last 3 days, this would generally equate to more than a few million dollars in potential income. To those who are experts in SEO and Meta Advertising on the web, the mass of 7.8 million visitors will at least give an advertising revenue of $78,000 using a low end CPM and CPC values.

Looking further, I saw the demographics of my contacts, 70% of them are from professionals who are in the ‘High Income’ area (meaning US,Canada, EU,the sort) and the rest are either job seekers or people who are professionals of the lower scale. The keyword density is so dense, that the standard word will be jobs, technology, business and finance. Even BAT (British American Tobacco) have been found to be advertising on the LinkedIn Platforms and even the users sites for their recruitment.

Ad space is not cheap on LinkedIn, especially recruitment. However, that is for another rambling but I am personally happy that you guys came to visit me.. know me and hopefully we can yield something far better in the near future.

In the mean time, do check my sites out often for some new stuff.


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