What is LinkedIn Signal?

Signal is a beta product by LinkedIn, a social media application targeted for work and professionals alike. Unlike the main site (http://www.LinkedIn.com ) , Signal is more or less something that looks and feels like the Facebook 2.0 Top News combined with New Tweeter where you can see who is talking about what, trending of the the moves by your friends, colleagues and even vendors and networkers alike. As mentioned on their blog, this is a Beta test and looks and feels different from the main desktop page of LinkedIn Home.

Here are the core differences which are prominent: No Invites, Email Messaging or Inbox tab in Signal No Applications, Companies, Jobs, Groups, Answers in Signal No People who you know box in Signal No Group Updates in Signal Different formatting for Tweets in Signal Filter what you want to see and who you wish to follow in Signal A more detailed information of how many updated news are from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections in the left tab, and even to the level that you can get a more detailed filter based on Industry you are in, Companies, Time, Region , Tags and School.

Signal also offers real time updates, just as how TweetDeck does as a desktop application and Ajax based pulls for Facebook, which is kind of cool, without the need to refresh the page too often. Likewise, since Signal is a Beta, the Trending Links tab is something I did not manage to understand fully, since I believe it was mimicked by Yahoo! Beta, MSN and Twitter alike, as it would also give a clear indication of how popular a link is within the community, such as YouTube , FourSquare and such. I have not been given an full idea how it works until I typed in a keyword in the search panel up on the top, which will then reflect the trending topics to the search words. Also, since this is a new feature as compared to the main page which restricts to just Q&A, People, Company, Group , it makes more sense as it shows topics and titles other members are
talking about. It is a real shame that I can’t paste screenshots of how this works, but quoting from their press release , this would be a great move forward.

The streams will even show who is sharing links related to the topic you are looking at. Currently Signal is at Beta stage but you can try going to http://linkedin.com/signal/trial if there are slots left.


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