Life is full of sorries

Life as what I feel, is full of sorries, and of late, there are much more of late. Many things are crapping out for me, and it really shows with so many of my articles being rejected being either not making the grade or I am just depressed.

When work is plagued by matters of the heart, family and kids wise, the quantum effect really shows. Of late, I’ve being plagued by the ghosts of my past and that of things I should have gathered the courage and take things by the horns instead of taking steps back and hide. I was a wuss and that really takes a toll on my family, especially my little Tia and well, like it or not, my mom have been pondering if I am facing issues,which I am and that as a man, I do want to have a happy family with loads of kids. Despite the shortcomings, like any other family, things still work out, fine or not.

Life as a family is what lacking right now, and despite all that, things are not looking any better. Finances are taking a drastic toll on the relations and well, it’s not all that well. When money gets to your way, the only way to go is south. I really mean it. It’s hard for me. I do feel jealous and I do feel that it contradicts the life we promised when people call you at 3am in the morning and knowing it’s not a matter of life and death, and having to listen to the conversation, whispering.

It’s not a good way to start but when you see someone once every few months, you do want to spend every single second as if you will die the next second.Every second is as precious as it is, and for someone who did time, I know how it is. And to hear the fact that your partner keeps on nagging on separation and going their own ways is far hurtful than just a mating relationship when you spent your life to it.

I am now messed up and when things are as such, I have to take some drastic backup actions,where it’s adhoc basis. I had to let go. I lost my means to find a proper living and as I have no help from my partner, it’s no sense in infidelity when the life have to go on. It hurts when it affects those who are not playing a role, the innocent collateral damage.

I do beg to differ but I have to learn to let life be. I’m sorry dear, but I will make my decision and it is a no-deal. It hurts but it’s better for me to raise my own kids my way than another person or man contaminate the mind of the young child. It’s better than your life being place at a price tag of just $300 and a few bottles of beer.

I love you.


Another article deleted

I got my second strike at helium on how to be a rich farmer in Farmville. Since I am not that eager to rewrite,this was the copy which got deleted and I just feel I need to write up a totally new one. Or just maybe the editorial sucks.

If the formatting is out,forgive me as I am using WordPress for Blackberry here.

Another addictive game set out using Adobe Shockwave and Flash is Farmville from Zynga with their latest installation that allows the player to be caught up in the game that the eventually become an insomniac due to the fact that the crops will die after a certain time should it not be harvested unlike Barn Buddy where one’s crops stay there till all of it is lost due to theft by your friends.

Becoming a rich farmer is actually easier than one think as the gifting and receiving bonuses adds up to the amount earned or saved up in the game. The definition of a rich farmer is more to one’s own interpretation but having lots of friends helps a whole lot more that when you are just a handful of friends as like their successful game Mafia Wars, the more you have, the better it is.

Becoming a rich farmer basically means you got tons of money, and in this case assuming that you have a million coins, not FV Dollars which are earned through deals and such like in Mafia Wars’ Godfather Points. And it is actually achievable in less than 30 days.

True to many people’s belief, Farmville is based on hard work and spending alot of time on the game, making the game developers richer.

In the act of planting and harvesting a crop, the calculation on earnings will be Net Profit = Harvest – Cost – 15 coins (for plowing) and multiplied by the maximum amount of crops allowed. We assume that 30% of the crop space is allocated into the Trees and Animal Livestock plus any other stuff that makes your place look neater and nice, thus allowing the current allowable size of 20×20 plots.

Technically, even a 20×20, you will waste about half crop square on the sizes due to either a bug or something like that , such that you still have a 20×20 and the animals and trees by the size of it. The full line of sight is needed to harvest or anything to the plantation as you cannot click on the item or plot or animal hidden behind a huge tree.

Like many experts in the Zynga Forums agree that a full day will be 23 hours give and take any human response to that effe
ct as the game play requires some sort of margin of error in harvesting, plowing and seeding even with the machinery available. Such a case that a balance of quick cash crops like Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry yields a steady 3 experience points and net profit of 10, 26 and 27 coins per harvest respectively for a 4 hour crop.

Eventually, we will allow only 3 crops cycles a day and thus yield 30, 78 and 81 coins in a day and that is if someone did not sleep throughout game play. On the other hand, a nice balance of crops in 6, 8,12, 16 and 24 hour timing yields greater returns such as the Aloe Vera (6 hours), Pumpkin and Tomatoes for 8 hours, Rice and Carrots in 12 hours, Coffee for 16 hours and Soy Beans, Peppers (Chillies), Grapes and Sunflowers for a day as I’m just a level 30 right now. Anything over a day will yield 2 experience points for planting, to compensate the loss of experience in comparison to the quick 4 hour crops and Raspberries are harvested in 2 hours beari!
ng no seeding experience points, with just a return of 11 coins per harvest (assuming 23 hours) and a net yield of 22 experience points with 121 coins per day.

Compare to Sunflowers, your yield will be 165 coins with only 4 experience points, but lets you take a break. One must plan what we will be doing after we plant the crops, as if we go shopping for 4 hours and came back late, we will see the raspberries wither and die after the 2 hour timer to harvest is up.

The way Zynga programs the time frame to allow players not to plant and forget is about 4-8 hours before it dies, allowing people to get home, and do their stuff and harvest their crops at their home pc and then set a 12 hour crop for harvest the next day at the office.

The act of giving and receiving is a very cool thing to do. If you see your friends getting a bonus or special giveaways, you will get the coins too. By going to the Home Screen in Facebook and clicking More on the Feeds and onto Farmville (or you can book mark or go to this link Farmville Feed Tabs directly if you
happen to loose it) , you will see the awards you friends received and you get 500 coins for a blue ribbon, 250 coins for a red ribbon, 125 coins for a while ribbon and 50 for a yellow one.

Just right click and open a new tab where it says “collect a bonus from ……” and shut it down after 15 seconds as it will already credit your account. Don’t forget to snap those wandering animals such as a chocolate milk bearing Brown Cow, White Cow, Ugly Duckling (looked really ugly and terrifying) and anything that comes up for adoption.

Thus why many experts advise you add as many friends as you can, as much as how many you got on Mafia Wars so you know their feeds and you can feast on their achievements.

I personally do agree that in spending some great money into the game like a Log Cabin for 250,000 coins will get me a boost on the experience for it pays off 1 point per 100 coins spent on the market and getting red or blue ribbons gives you coins too.

The reality sets in that eve!
n on level 30, in order to level up, it takes 6000 experience points compared to 5000 on level 29 and it gets more every time you level up. Don’t forget to harvest your trees and animals even though they won’t expire but a return on investment is only between 30-60 days , so expect a gift or two to boost your income. What matters most is having fun.

Do look at the other commentaries as different people have different views and the game play differs when you are in the lower levels and harder and more robust when you go to level 20 and up as your options have expanded.

That is my point of view and comments welcomed. Have fun.

Stupid Celcom

For god sake,celcom is really on my nerves. How can you setup blackberry internet service with ala carte 3g instead of unlimited hsdpa internet. Just come to show that the people at the centers are plain ignorant or just darn lazy.

This hari raya was without network. Calls fail and no routeable calls except using roaming sim cards. Shitto Celcom Bagero. Bad enough its a mess but this beats anything hands down. So I will need to switch my line over all cus of you guys.

And lucky to have plain services. Some of the agents are still getting busy lines.

Sent using wordpress for Blackberry,it’s really cool.

Tiring months

It’s been a way long time since Geeks Lair been taken out of commission, which is but alas, it’s something I put behind. The bad publicity is not something I wish to be reminded of.

Well, past is past, water under the bridge and so we move on. It’s Ramadan now and I’m in the middle of writing up the annual report of my company. Costs are skyrocketing like no body business, Power bills 3rd raise of 30% effectively increased the overall increase with respect to last year’s Pre-Oil Crisis to 70%, which is a real killer to the manufacturing industry, specifically micro and small cottage industry players like me.

It’s crap, but what can i say..but sigh. Malaysia is getting too tuff for us. No wonder many fly the cage and go for better and cheaper pastures.

Salam Lailatul Qadar everyone and may you be blessed always.

back from the dead

Since I lost my domain which is of my own doing and I am quite happy that I am no longer wasting my time on blogging. Well now I’m Using a blackberry bold to type. So where is my app?

Another day …and another project on the way

Sometimes, I have to stop tasking myself on those little projects which are baked to nothingness when I leave them half baked, or half cocked. Like my KEDAI-dot-TV where so many domains are still doing nothing when my funding went dry this year. And now I revived part of the CHAT-dot-NU Community with a multi network blog and darn it, I’m still struggling to figure out what to do with the server that was supposed to give a chat room.

Yeah, my brain really burnt out.After an hour on the computer reviving codes and pHP, I drew a blank and really, I need to find the epochs and stuff like that. Feel like I’m in the town of Eureka and I’m the humanoid of a Sheriff.

Durgh! Do drop by the community chat server ok. It’ works like WORDPRESS.COM cuz it’s based from it!

Happy holidays

Well, I did forgot to wish my friends Salam Eidul Fitr and well, since I’m at it, wish my Hindu friends Happy DiWali.

As you see , the markets just crashed big time, and I’m doing more things in the back, like my Chat Now site is now an integrated MultiBlog site..with chat and forum setting..and hopefully the server can carry forth with my Chat Services. Likely or not, I am banking on those advertising funds to give me the resources to carry on with my online research.

Oh well. Wish you the best too.