What has luck got to do with it?

I just have no answer to that question which is plaguing me for the past few months, since the run of things are not to plan and not to my favor.

Jumping for joy at one time only to be terribly let down and hopes dashed when things are always too good to be true. I’m just lost for words especially as a fellow muslim, we try our best to fulfill our promise and if we are not able to, then we explain why and try to get an amicable resolution.

In spite of things, even though they are never to plan, occurrences are costly. Those incur expenses which are ill afford to many and to me, especially when the economy is tight and time awasted since a promise is made and contract sealed.

And that I have to be cruel to be kind, as a friend, as a partner and as a lover, that sometimes my acts are trashy and abusive, but I have to do it for the better good, to ensure your own good health and those around us, that of those who we love. Let the pain and slurs of words be upon me only to be satisfied that to see you well and up again.

And for that, I think after all it’s worth, I have to back off after all is well, for I know who and what I am, someone who you did not love and do not desire. For I am often what is excess baggage and a pest.

I know what is what, and why is such, but do you?

Just my dumb Luck right?

Happy Holidays!Wish you be merry and prosperity and Good Fortunes bestow upon you and everyone around you and those who you care.

Live Long and Prosper.